Blaise Kal

Hello! My name is Blaise. I enjoy building websites, web applications and games, both professionally and for fun. This portfolio contains projects I created in my spare time.

Story Collective

Story Collective
I designed and developed for my brother’s video production company.

A Pixel a Day…

A Pixel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
A silly tool to print a line of text on your contribution history graph on your GitHub profile page.


XSSNAKE online multiplayer snake
Online multiplayer Snake where the winner of a game is allowed to execute JavaScript in the browser of all losers. Work in progress.

Braille War

Braille War address bar shooter
My entry for JS1k, awarded an honorable mention. Braille War is a shooter for the visually impaired that takes place in the browser’s address bar. Move with Arrow keys, shoot with Space key.


Augmented Reality game Pont
This game is a mix of Flight Control and Frogger; you are the ferry and you have to cross the IJ without crashing. Pont is also playable in Augmented Reality using Layar.

Portfolio website
I designed and built the portfolio website of my brother Maarten. The websites was featured on several HTML5 showcase websites.


YTFM (YouTube FM) online jukebox
A YouTube music video jukebox powered by data.


One of my first JavaScript projects.